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Posted By George on February 11 // 1 Comment

33 years ago a beautiful soul was born and her name was Brandy Rayana Norwood. Before she knew it she was a superstar singing her way into the hearts of millions of fans. 32 years later, she is still a star and set to embark on a new chapter in her career. Brandy, you are a goddess and we appreciate you sharing the gift of your voice with us. Without it, well we don’t want to imagine where we would be without it. Happy Birthday to the princess, our goddess Brandy Rayana Norwood! We love you and pray for continuing success and most importantly health to you and your family. God bless and have a great Birthday!

Posted By George on December 28 // 0 Comments

Thanks to The Fan Carpet for awarding as its Fansite of the Day!


Posted By George on October 17 // 0 Comments

Never in my wildest dreams, no, no, no. Did I think someone could care about me, oh. Not just the way you love me. You know I’m emotional (sometimes). Not in, not in, not in, not in my wildest dreams….I have finally updated the lyrics section of the site with the latest lyrics from Brandy‘s new album ‘Two Eleven.’ If there are any mistakes in the lyrics please don’t hesitate to email me at[at] Click the link below to read the lyrics:

Click Here

Posted By George on August 5 // 0 Comments

Welcome to the ‘Put It Down’ Version or! The layout was created to promote Brandy‘s latest single ‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown. I hope you like the new layout! If you want me to make any changes to the site, let me know!

Posted By George on January 4 // 2 Comments

VH1 and I need your help! Brandy is set to have a Behind the Scenes episode later this year and we need to find some things to help the show ASAP! If you have HARD COPIES of:

- magazines featuring her on the cover
- tabloids covering her ups AND downs (to paint a true picture of her career and life)
- footage they shot at a concert
- pictures they’ve taken, etc

Please email me at for more information. We need these! Thanks!

Posted By George on January 1 // 0 Comments


It’s finally 2011! 2010 was a great year for Brandy. She got tongues wagging with her appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Next year, Brandy is set to take advantage of her building & rejuvenated fanbase and :

» Release a new album on a NEW label
» Tour (?)

Let’s make 2011 Brandy’s year!!

Posted By George on November 28 // 0 Comments

The Video Archive is Now Open. The Domain name is (our original fansite URL). Thanks to for letting me have the domain despite me not using it for the fansite. Anyways, the site now has 31 videos (10 Live Performances and 21 Music Videos). Feel free to join the site and upload videos. Click the photo to visit the site.

Posted By George on November 28 // 3 Comments

Welcome to the Full Version or! I used her recent Upscale Magazine for the shoot. We also now have a download center, with a few videos, but that will be updated with more videos soon. If you have any HIGH QUALITY media please feel free to email us. The pages have been fully completed and we also have a lyrics center. I will be opening the Video Archive later today or tomorrow, I just have to finish up the layout. I will also be uploading more photoshoots very soon. Be on the lookout!

Posted By George on July 26 // 0 Comments

Welcome to your premiere source for sanger Brandy. This site is here to provide you with the latest on everything Brandy. Make sure to bookmark us because I plan to be around for a LONG while. Make sure to visit the gallery with over 2,000 photos. I will be adding more photos to the gallery soon! Let’s do this! Thank You to all the visitors!

Also if anyone wants to join the staff please email me at[at] I am willing to teach you!