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Posted By George on September 17 // 1 Comment


From Neiecy Nash: As my time as guest blogger on comes to an end I want to leave you with a very special epiphany I had about my dear friend Brandy.

“My daughter Dia is turning 14 in a few weeks so I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. Her reply? “I want to see Brandy.” I said, ‘She lives down the street, we could go by her house right now.’ Her reply: ‘No, I’m not ready, I’m not in a cute outfit!’ As she continued to talk about Brandy, I started to sing “Mo-to-the-E to the: Moesha! Dia’s eyes got big as saucers and she yelled, ‘Wait, Brandy is Moesha?!’ This became a teaching moment.

The woman I call my friend is actually an icon. I think I missed it too because she doesn’t act like one. Down to earth, funny and approachable and the best ways to describe her. I took the opportunity to educate my daughter on Brandy’s contribution to entertainment. I told her that she is so much more than Chardonnay on BET’s The Game. When I was growing up Brandy was TV star, reality star, a pop star, a Cover girl, Grammy winner, had her own Brandy doll, and was the first African American to play Disney princess Cinderella.

Most importantly she is a survivor. Many only judge and remember a person’s most recent failure. Brandy has had her share of headaches, heartaches, and public tragedies. The things she has faced like coming clean about the fabricated story about her marriage, being involved in a tragic accident where someone lost their life, and trying to manage her relationships with her family members would have crippled a lesser person. She has survived it all IN THE PUBLIC EYE! She has a resilient spirit that I would be blessed to duplicate. Thirty minutes later, my daughter said, ‘Wow mommy, I thought Brandy was just your friend’ My reply? ‘She is baby girl, it just so happens my friend is an icon.”

One Response to “In Dedication to My Friend Brandy, the Icon”

  1. Charles Carter/ Cartersface Says:

    OMG Neiecy Nash I love you for the dear friend you’ve become to brandy. You are just what the Dr. ordered and by Dr. I mean God. Real And Truth. I am age 32yrs old and been a Major #1 fan of brandy sense 1995, I’ve followed this women thru all her fame glory and struggles and when I tell you its deeper than her Music. Its Deeper than the Acting but its her Spirit and talk about a humble blessing she is to those who need an inspiration. I had the pleasure of meeting both Brandy and her Mother Ms. Sonya A few years back and much like when brandy herself met Whitney RIP I to thought I would fall out but by Brandy being the Down to earth Relatable person she has become It touches so many in ways other Artist have yet to Accomplish….. #Iconic #Brandy

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